Caulfield North Two

The Renovation

In the charming neighbourhood of Caulfield North, Tarryn and Christian discovered their dream: a delightfully grand double-brick Victorian house. Coincidentally, across the street, we were engaged in a first-floor extension. I had a friendly encounter with Tarryn and wished her well on her new acquisition, unknowing we’d cross paths again in just a couple of years.

Two years flew by, and Tarryn reconnected with a vision – transforming their gorgeous property into a reflection of their unique style. She reached out at an early stage in the transformation process, allowing us to collaboratively navigate the design journey with our talented interior designer, Nina.

High value was placed on minimising disruption during the transition. Anticipating their needs, we started the joinery process three months before their scheduled move-out. This foresight facilitated off-site construction while the family comfortably remained in residence.

With precision timing, on completion of joinery at the factory off-site, we launched full-throttle into our on-site operations. Demolition, structural enhancements, plumbing, and electrical works were executed sequentially. Within a fortnight, we had the house plastered and prepped for joinery installation.

By week four, the joinery and stone fittings were seamlessly integrated into the property, bestowing us ample time to carry out carpentry, lay carpets, and add that fresh stroke of paint. The entire renovation, from initiation to final touches, was wrapped up neatly within an 8-week timeframe!

As the project wrapped up, we were gratified that – thanks to our thorough planning with the designer and clients – the final tally was only marginally (0.5%) higher than the initial contract amount, an achievement when 10-20% overruns are not uncommon!

The grand finale was a joy to witness. Along with their two young daughters, Tarryn and Christian finally moved into their freshly renovated home, oozing comfort and happiness. Their journey with us culminated in a harmonious fusion of charming Victorian architecture and their distinctive style, creating a warm and inviting family home to cherish.