Transform your home using the bones of what you currently own. You love your location but want a home that reflects your unique style and accommodates how you live.

Our Story

About Turning Your House into Home Sweet Home

Our lead guy, Joshua Dodd, set things in motion. He’s a builder with an absolute love for detail. Whether on-site at JTDODD or reading plans in the office, we live for those details. The takeaway for you? You get the best every single time.

We’ve tackled a tonne of successful projects, turning challenges into opportunities to learn and hone our skills. That’s how we’ve become so good at managing complex builds – making them function perfectly and look stunning. We’re all about jazzing up homes and adding that special something. So, the architectural dream you’ve got for your home? We’re the ones to make it happen.

Project management? We’ve got that down pat. Our processes are neat and efficient, making everything run like clockwork. Pair that with some simple apps and a well-thought-out approach to each project, and what do you get? Fantastic results, delivered quicker than you’d expect.

Basically, our story is your story. Each step we take, every detail we focus on, and every project we undertake is about delivering top-tier results. We take houses and make them into dream homes, all while keeping things relaxed and professional.

A word from the owner

Hey there! I’m Josh Dodd, builder extraordinaire at JTDODD. I’ve been spinning magic across Melbourne for over a decade, transforming ordinary houses into extraordinary homes.

Being born into a family of seasoned builders, construction was my destiny, even as a tyke. I spent my childhood creating intricate structures with K’Nex in my bedroom or building treehouses with timber remnants from my old man.

Fast-forward a few years, and there I was, apprenticing in carpentry under my Dad, a big shot in the construction industry. Working hard from the get-go, I was highly motivated by my passion and ambition. By saving every hard-earned penny, I bought my house to renovate at the age of 19!

Once I’d finished my first project, the next logical step was getting my builder’s licence. And I did just that at the age of 24. With over 200 projects to my name, a treasure chest of knowledge, and a fire in my belly for the industry, JTDODD was born – a professional home renovation business. We’re all about transforming houses into dream homes, one renovation at a time!