What Makes JTDODD Stand Out?

Our handpicked, highly skilled team deliver timely, top-quality work giving you complete confidence that we build your home to the highest standards.

JTDODD is a construction company specialising in renovations.

We are a professional renovation business that specialises in value-increasing home transformations across Melbourne’s Inner-Eastern suburbs.

Our goal is to make the renovation process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Of course, renovating is no easy task which is why we focus on being the best renovators in Australia.

JTDODD offers:

We Guarantee:

  • Complete Design and Construct services, so your home is custom-built to your individual needs and desires.
  • Bi-weekly updates with personalised online client service, so you become a part of the building process.
  • Interior Design services to help with every detail
  • A client-focused service, so that you make the decision that suits your home.
  • HIA members who provide our team with up-to-date training and market trends, so you have access to the latest products available to the market.
  • A proven, quality-based approach that delivers building confidence to our clients. Your home will meet your expectations.
  • Our 25+ page Specification Document which accompanies our quote and leaves no room for ‘grey areas’.
  • 10-year structural warranty.

  • 90 day maintenance period.

  • Project completion delivered on time.

  • You don’t pay unless you’re happy.

  • 137-point quality control checklist to examine every detail.

  • Frequent visits during construction.


We guarantee you peace of mind.

Our Mission

To ensure our clients enjoy a smooth, stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.

To meet our client’s timeframes and budgets.

To provide high-quality workmanship and a result that exceeds expectations.

Our Values

At JTDODD, integrity is at the forefront of who we are. Our word is our bond. We do what we say we’ll do.

Our Difference

We can work from supplied renovation plans or provide our clients with tailored design/build solutions.

We inspire excellent communication between our clients and our team of renovation experts. We are encouraging transparency and professionalism throughout the entire renovation process.

We provide our clients with access to the latest Project Management Software so that they can monitor their renovation, approve changes and sign off on works along the way.

“The standard of work & service exceeded my expectations”

Our Clients


“We purchased a house that Josh built and had a professional building inspection conducted on the house prior to purchase.

The person undertaking the formal building inspection told us that it is one of the best examples of quality that he has seen in a long time… that the builder’s prowess and attention to detail was outstanding. We had friends through the house who are also builders and commented on the quality and finish! Well done to Josh, we are would highly recommend him to anyone who would ask.”

Roger & Claire


“Josh and his team were thoroughly professional in the complete rebuilding package they offered me. The design and solutions to my problems were innovative and offered me a better result than I had initially anticipated. The job was completed on time with no fuss.

While I was not necessarily seeking the cheapest quote available. I was delighted that the works came in the right on budget. But the standard of work and service exceeded my expectations.”

Phillip Cox


“As a retired registered builder and now a building and maintenance supervisor for a large organisation in the retirement sector I have no hesitation in recommending JTDODD for your next renovation.

They have now completed a number of renovations for us over an extended period of time and are now our preferred contractor because of their good communication skills, their high quality of work and their pre planning all of which go to taking any stress out of the project and helping the job run smoothly.”

Adrian O’Donnell
Uniting Care Harrison


“I sold a beautiful house that JT Dodd built in late 2018 when the market was very slow. We had a whole range of different people through who all commented on the quality of the build. Myself and others were very impressed with the quality of finish throughout the entire house.

JT Dodd produced both quality and fast build times. Josh is a very professional, registered builder who knows his stuff and truly cares about end result. I would recommend Josh to anyone who would like to renovate & create that new home feeling.”

James Lingwood
McGrath Real Estate

What does quality mean to us?

  • Flawless Workmanship
  • Efficient Project Times
  • Doing What We Promise
  • Great Communication
  • Being Organised

Our Guarantees



Our word is our bond. We do what we say we will do



We will give you a start and finish date for your renovation.



We will hand over your renovation project defect-free.



We will keep in contact with every stage.



You can rely on our skilled tradespeople to provide high-quality work.



JT Dodd are fully licensed and registered builders.



Insured with product and public liability, plus builders warranty insurance



We simplify the process, so you don’t have to worry.

About JT Dodd

Who is JTDODD?

Hello! My name is Josh Dodd, and I’m the owner and builder at JTDODD. I’m an expert in house renovation, and I’ve been providing quality building services across Melbourne for over a decade.

Coming from a family of experienced builders, construction has always been in my blood. I remember from a very young age, hanging out in my room creating structures with K’Nex or building tree houses wherever I could from leftover timber.

Fast forward a decade, and I was completing my carpentry apprenticeship with my father, who was a well-regarded builder in the construction industry. Learning from the best, I was able to hone my craft as a carpenter and builder over the next several years, purchasing my first home and renovation project at the age of 19.

After completing my house transformation, I decided to get my builders license in preparation for the next step in my career. I took a break to travel Europe and America for five months, before coming back refreshed and ready to go. I bought a ute, filled it with the latest and greatest tools on the market, then began subcontracting as a carpenter where I learned more about hard work, quality and financials. It was this progression that soon saw me go into business with my father and brother, renovating homes and building new housing developments.

Now, with over 200 projects under my belt, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the industry, I have gone out on my own, creating JTDODD, a professional home renovation business focused on delivering high-quality transformations.

Josh Dodd

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much value does a renovation add?

This is not an easy question to give a definitive answer to in the early stages of planning for a renovation. There are many different factors that come into play, including the style, quality, functionality and size of the space that’s being renovated, to name just a few. If it’s done right, a renovation has the potential to add a huge amount of value to your property, as well as having the capacity to open it up to a whole new market of interested buyers, should you decide to sell. It is therefore vital that you select your builder carefully to ensure a high quality finish and maximise the financial gains.

How much does it cost to add a bedroom to a house?

Again, this is a tough one to answer without knowing some of the specifics around the property in question and the extra room itself. The potential costs can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, from style through to size, timeline and quality. The best way to get an idea of the potential costs involved with adding an extra room to your property is to book a consultation or on-site meeting with your builder. By discussing your distinct requirements and what you hope to achieve with the new space, they will be able to give you an indication of the amount you should be expecting to spend in order to get the results you want.

How do I find a good renovation company?

A quality renovation can add significant value to your property by opening it up, creating extra space and boosting functionality, as well as improving the overall aesthetic. It’s a big investment, so selecting your contractor based on price alone might not be the smartest move. You’ll want to make sure whoever you employ to carry out the renovation work is up to the task in terms of reliability and quality of workmanship.

The first thing you’ll need to do is seek out fully-licensed, registered and insured practitioners for consideration. It would also be a good idea to look at their website and check whether they have solid testimonials and case study examples of projects they have worked on. Online reviews can be a good indicator of how reputable a contractor is, and proven experience working on similar scale projects is also a plus. In addition, you could try speaking to friends, family or the owners of neighbouring properties for their first-hand recommendations.

Do we need to move out of our home while we renovate?

Every home renovation is different and logistical aspects can vary greatly. Whether or not you actually need to vacate during the construction is something we can discuss during your initial consultation. However, to give you some food for thought, here are some examples for you to consider:

  • If it is simply a bathroom renovation and you have a spare bathroom, there’s a high probability that you won’t need to move out.
  • If we need to remove an existing kitchen or bathroom and the process means your home is not habitable for a time, it is most likely you will need to move out for a short period.
  • If your extension is such that your house is left open and unsecure, you will be required to move out for a period of time.
  • If the liveability of your home is likely to be seriously impacted for longer than what might be considered a minimal period, you may be required to move out for a short period of time.
What renovations increase home value the most?

There is no one answer to this question. It is impossible to say whether a newly renovated bathroom, kitchen or living space will add the most value to your property, as there are so many factors to take into consideration, not least what your property already has and what it may lack.

For instance, if you already have a beautiful bathroom but your kitchen is dated, an updated kitchen is likely to add more value than a new bathroom. What really makes the difference is the quality of the end result. A well done bathroom, for instance, is going to add more value that a poorly done kitchen, and visa versa. The size of the renovated space, functionality and possibly even aesthetics may also play a role.

How much can I extend my house without planning permission?

The answer to this question will vary depending on where you live, with different rules and regulations coming into play depending on your local council. Each council has what’s known as a ‘planning scheme’. These planning schemes are designed to regulate the use and development of land in that specific locality.

One way this is achieved is the requirement of permits for certain types of land use and development. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to find out whether a permit is required before you start work on your extension. Before you go any further, make sure you check out the specific requirements that apply to your particular address by approaching the planning department at your local council directly.

How long do house renovations take?
Each project is different. On signing the contract, we itemise and include Actual Work Days, Inclement Wet Days, Non – Work Days & Public Holidays and Annual Leave Holidays so nothing is a surprise.

You also have access to our work schedule in our Project Management software. This outlines every trade’s tasks and timelines, ensuring you’re well informed of the progress of your build.

Also, we have penalties built into our contracts if we haven’t completed the build within our allotted time frame however, we have never had a client who has claimed this penalty, giving you peace of mind that we are committed to complete your build on time.

Is a house renovation budget important?

Starting the process of designing a custom home renovation without a budget in mind is a risky business and leaves you open to all manner of disappointments. You’ll either be stung with unexpected costs along the way, or you’ll end up having to sacrifice the quality of certain elements of the build just to get the project completed.

This is the very reason that JTDODD takes the time necessary at the very start of the project to listen to your needs before customising a renovation plan that will suit your specific desires AND budget.

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