Our Pre-Construction Service

The pre-construction stage of your project is the most critical stage of the process and sets you up for a successful project. Our collaborative approach ensures success.

Why should a homeowner involve a builder in the design stage?

It’s really common for homeowners to fall in love with the end design, only to find out later that it’s well outside their budget. This leads to deleting costly elements, which compromises the design and leaves everyone disappointed with the outcome.

We encourage homeowners to get in touch with a builder first and lean on their expertise to guide a project and design in the right direction. With us, you will have a building expert on side from the start.

Why should a builder be present during the design stage?

An architect or designer is critical to the success of your project. However, they are not trained at costing builds. Builders crunch the numbers every day and are up to date with the market cost of products, finishes and materials.

The 5-Step Process

…to a functional, affordable home – quickly – without compromising on quality, spending too much money or costly time delays.


Pre-construction frequently asked questions

How to get all the information you need about the pre-construction process in 15 minutes or less without feeling overwhelmed.


Quick, easy and accurate ballpark estimate report

How to get a ballpark figure at the concept stage in 48 hours or less before spending thousands of dollars on plans and permits.


Your foolproof renovation & extension guidance program

How to plan your renovation and extension to suit your budget and lifestyle - the first time - without stress and without wasting time and money on plans that you can’t afford.


Detailed cost analysis

How to get a proper cost analysis on your project in 6 weeks or less without the fear of cost blowouts throughout construction.



How to renovate and extend to the highest quality - as quickly as possible - without cost blowouts and time delays.