What is an Identification Survey? Why do I need one when buying a property?

An Identification Survey, often called an “Ident,” is a specialised survey conducted to pinpoint existing structures on land. Only a Registered Surveyor is qualified to perform this task.

We recommended getting an Ident Survey when buying a property. Usually, your lawyer will handle this to identify any issues only a survey can reveal. This is crucial for complying with Vendor Disclosure Legislation, which mandates that sellers provide certain warranties and information about the property. Having an Ident report can also expedite the property sale process.

The survey ensures that you know exactly what you’re purchasing, helping you avoid future issues with neighbours or authorities and uncovering any defects that could affect the property’s value.

During the survey, the Surveyor will measure the site to locate any buildings, fences, or adjacent structures. They will also look into any legal conditions affecting the property, such as Easements for drainage or land-use restrictions. Special attention is given to any encroachments on the property and the distance of walls or eaves from the property boundary.

By getting an Ident survey, you’re taking an essential step to safeguard your investment and ensure a smoother buying process.


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