How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost?

By: Josh Dodd

Short Answer:

The average cost of a bathroom is from $10,000 – $20,000 but can go well above too.

Long Answer:


A lot of work goes into a bathroom renovation from designing your perfect look all the way through to renovation completion. The cost can seem quite high but comparatively to house prices a bathroom renovation is a worthy investment into your biggest asset.


A basic breakdown of what needs to be paid for in a renovation looks a lot like this:

Planning Phase

  • Initial Consultation with builder

  • Planning Layout

  • Designing/styling

Building Phase

  • Demolition

  • Rubbish removal

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Carpentry

  • Shower base screed/preparation

  • Plastering

  • Waterproofing

  • Tiling

  • Caulking

  • Cabinetry

  • Toilet, basins, tap ware

  • Carpentry fit off

  • Plumbing fit off

  • Electrical fit off

  • Shower screen supply and install

  • Mirrors/shaving cabinet

  • Painting

  • Builders mark up – Typically 25%

  • GST – 10%

If you would like to start to get a really good idea of how much you will be spending on your bathroom renovation then this may be a great place to start working out how much your bathroom will cost.

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