How Do I Communicate With Builders?


Maybe you are looking to do some smaller jobs or organise some parts of your renovation yourself. If so, it helps to know exactly how to communicate appropriately with the builder you are working with.

Online Client Portal Software

The #1 way to communicate.

Technology has seen extensive growth over the last 20 years, and it is no surprise that it has slowly edged its way into the domestic building industry. Our project management software can coordinate your job, create amazing lines of communication and give you control over the entire process.

Coordinate: Your Projects alongside your builder

  • View project schedules from your desktop or phone
  • Make selections
  • View updated files & photos
  • View all Jobsite activity & progress

Communicate: With your builder

  • Make selections from your online portal
  • Receive a personalised proposals
  • Receive detailed job information
  • Inbuilt text message
  • View variations as you go
  • View files & photos

Control: The financials of your project

  • View the entire breakdown of your project costs
  • Approve changes

JTDODD offer this service once a client has purchased an initial consultation meeting with us. Find out more here to get the ball rolling on your renovation today:


Text message

The #2 way to communicate.

I find that text message is the number #2 way to communicate with builders. Any decent builder will be at least a little busy during the day working for clients.

When you text a builder, it allows them to get back to you whenever they get a chance. It also allows you to write down and clearly state what you are looking to have done.

Bonus:Another bonus to text messaging is that you can send photos to the builder so they can visually see what need to happen. A picture does say 1000 words.

Example: Here’s an example text message of a message you can send to a builder to see if they are the correct fit for me.

Hi Grant,

My name is Josh Dodd. I got your number from HiPages/friend/google. I’m looking to have a renovation and extension done.

I haven’t had plans drawn up yet and wanted to get your advice on how I can renovate within my budget.

I’d love to discuss my project with you.

Let me know if you’re interested.
Here are some photos of the job: [photos]

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Josh Dodd



The #3 way to communicate.

Calling is the next best way to communicate despite the lack of clarity and record of information. I rate this the second best because of the ease of use, and sometimes it’s the best way to get a builders attention.

Initial call: Its a good idea for an initial request to touch base and then send details in writing. If I’m going to call, I like to introduce myself, briefly let them know what I want to do and also to see if they are interested in working with me.

After speaking with them over the phone, I’ll follow up with further details in the form of email or text message. 

Follow up call: If you decide to message the builder in the form of email or text message and you don’t hear back from them within the next 24-48 hours you can follow up with a call:

Hey mate, 

Did you receive my text message?

I’d love to work with you if you have time?

Voicemail: If the builder you are trying to contact doesn’t answer, then you can leave a short voicemail just to let them know:

  • Who you are and;
  • You’ve been attempting to contact them in regards to having some work done

Pro tip: I find voicemail a little outdated and time consuming to sift through – mainly when I’m busy, so I think this form of communication should be a last resort.



The #4 way to communicate.

Equally as powerful as a text message but I rate it only third because of its lack of use by most builders and lack of attention that it gets, however, emails are a great way to communicate larger chunks of information, files and invoices.

Follow up email: Generally, I don’t send an email to the first touch base. It doesn’t get enough attention from builders and may take days to get a response from them. I find that the email is a great way to follow up a phone call or text message once you’ve confirmed that they are keen to work with you. After establishing another line of communications, then you can send all of the details you have about the job you are looking to complete.

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