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builder quotes
By Josh Dodd / 24 Feb 2020

What’s the difference between a quote and an estimate?

What's the difference between a quote and an estimate? If you’ve had any experience dealing with the world of construction, you’ve probably heard the terms "estimate" and "quote" being used.

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By Josh Dodd / 21 Feb 2020

Builder’s jargon demystified

If you’ve already had experience of the building process, you’ll already know it’s a jargon-heavy space, particularly when you take a glance through your contract.

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initialconsultationwithbuilder 1
By Josh Dodd / 8 Oct 2019

Should I speak to a builder before drawing up my plans?

Yes, it might cost you a couple of hundred bucks to get a professional builder out to give you advice, but the chances are that you'll save money in the end.

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House renovations melbourne 2
By Josh Dodd / 12 Aug 2019

How Do I Communicate With Builders?

Maybe you are looking to do some smaller jobs or organise some parts of your renovation yourself. If so, it helps to know exactly how to communicate appropriately with the builder you are working with.

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The cost can seem quite high but comparatively to house prices a bathroom renovation is a worthy investment into your biggest asset.

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

What is a renovation PRE-START CHECKLIST?

Short Answer: A list of finishes that you will use in your renovation. Download your Pre-Start Checklist Here Long Answer: Overview For every job professional builders will have a designer or the...

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

Initial Consultation Vs. FREE Quote

Most builders are happy to provide a free quote for their work however there is only so much time a busy builder can a lot to free work.

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

Should I Let My Builder Choose The Tradesman For My Project?

Short Answer: It's generally in your best interest to allow the builder to organise your renovation for you. Let's look at some of the main reasons to let the builders do...

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

How much will a new KITCHEN cost?

A lot of work goes into a kitchen renovation from designing your perfect look all the way through to renovation completion. The cost of a kitchen can seem quite high however, the kitchen tends to be where all of the action happens and worth while investment into your home.

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By Josh Dodd / 2 Mar 2019

When do I need to choose all of the finishes for my renovation?

While it may appear there is no rush to decide on the colour and style of your bathroom tiles before you sign a building contract it’s important to realise every selection decision has the potential to delay your project.

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