What is a renovation PRE-START CHECKLIST?

By: Josh Dodd
2 Mar 2019

Short Answer:

A list of finishes that you will use in your renovation.

Download your Pre-Start Checklist Here

Long Answer:


For every job professional builders will have a designer or the client fill out a series of questions well before the renovation starts so by the time construction work starts everything is written down, agreed on and all materials can be ordered so the job will run as efficiently as possible.

Tap ware

  • Colour – For example: black, chrome, brass, gold, rose gold etc.

  • Style – Choose a particular style. It is best to try and match the style of your existing tap ware unless you are planning to renovate your entire house

  • Brand – You will need to decide on a brand that suits your budget and stay with the same brand throughout the entire renovation

  • Fixing – You will need to decide if you are going to have the taps coming out of the wall or bench top for the vanity, concealed outlet for toilet and shower rail with hose to shower head or fixed shower head


  • Colour – Choose a colour that pairs well with your tiles and if in doubt choose white

  • Style – Choose what kind of style whether its warming up the room with timber or making it extra classy with marble

  • Brand – Choose a brand that suits your budget. It is generally cheaper to buy something off the shelf however getting one custom made by your local cabinet maker is ideal

  • Fixing – Decide if you would like a wall hung vanity or or self supporting

Floor and wall coverings

  • Colour – Choose no more than 2 colours or styles. Keep it minimal and simple

  • Style – Choose what kind of style you like and stick with that theme

  • Brand – Choose a brand that fits with in your budget

  • Fixing – If you are on more of a budget choose a tile that is easy to install like a 600x300mm tile but if you would like something smaller then be prepared that it may cost a little more to install


  • Colour – Choose a colour that pairs well with your floor and wall covering

Shower screen and mirrors

  • Style of shower screen – Choose a style that suits your tap ware. You may choose frameless which will suit any style or you may choose a frame if you are on more of a budget. If you choose a framed shower screen then match the frame with your tap ware if possible

  • Style of mirrors – Decide on the type of mirror. It may be round, square or rectangle. It may be a shaving cabinet for extra storage.


  • Colour – Match your towel rails and toilet roll holders with you tap ware

  • Style and brand – Use the same style and brand as your taps if you can

  • Fixing – Choose where you would like to install these items

Download your Pre-Start Checklist Here

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