Initial Consultation Vs. FREE Quote

By: Josh Dodd
2 Mar 2019

Free Quote


The process for a free quote goes a little like this:

Client:  “I would like to renovate my house”

Client:  “I have a budget of X and I’m guessing I can do Y with that budget.

Client:  Goes and has elaborate plans and specifications drawn up and detailed spending thousands and thousands of dollars on guessing how much work can be done with the particular budget in mind. If you have on budget this is not a problem however, most people looking to renovate have some sort of budget.

Client:  Approached builder for a FREE quote. Most builders are happy to provide a free quote for their work however there is only so much time a busy builder can a lot to free work.

There are two things at play here.

  1. There is the builder who is spending little time on the quote which means the quote may be very inaccurate and in the end your renovation may incur thousands in variation costs.
  2. There is the client who doesn’t know how much work they can get done within budget.

Builder:  “Heres your free quote”
Client:  “Thank you but that is way out of my budget”

Outcome: Both are confused and frustrated because of the time and money wasted on a renovation that was never going to happen


Initial Consultation


The process for an initial consultation goes like this:

Client: “Hi Builder, I’m thinking about renovating my house”

Builder: If the client qualifies for an initial consultation the builder will book in a time to discuss the renovation

Both: Meet for an initial consultation which covers things like budget, time, planning and structurally what may need to happen for the renovation to come in under budget

Builder: Helps with design phase taking careful consideration for budget

Builder: A quote is then developed based on the requirements of the client and the experience and knowledge of the builder about what will work best considering budget etc.


Client:  Happy because the job has been detailed in such a way that is realistically going to come in under budget and still receive what they are looking for in their newly renovated home.

Note:  It helps that the builder is involved in this stage because the builder knows that certain structural method involved can save thousands of dollars. The builder can often simplify the structure in a way where it is more structurally simple and therefore cheaper to build and still gain the kind of house the client would like to live in

Builder:  Happy knowing that the job isn’t going to cause a whole heap of headaches because the design of the renovation is complex and difficult to build. Keep it simple

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